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What separates intelligent gamers from the rest?


Today I came across one of those guides for transforming your Windows GUI into a Mac OS X GUI. I thought it was kind of interesting, so I decided to read it. I wasn’t surprised to find the oh-so-common stupid comments on the bottom of the blog.

“Great, here too” I said to myself. It was filled with the typical:

“If you like Mac so much, get one idiot” Followed by the typical:
“Macs are sooo much better than PCs. Everyone should get one”
“Shut up Mac fanboy, You and Steve Jobs should go make out somewhere”
“This is such a horrible guide! There’s a better one at http://www…”
And, my all-time favorite:
“First post! LOL.”

Does it ring a bell?

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The Problem with Reviews

Many gamers base themselves on reviews to buy a video game. More casual gamers just go on and buy whatever appeals them the most (or the cheapest games). But I have found that even if there’s a game with a high rating, I might not like it. Or there might be a game with a low rating that might deserve a better one according to me. But is there really any way to get exact ratings?

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The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Review

Twilight Princess (Wii)

After much wait, TP has arrived. But is it the best Zelda game ever, as Nintendo promised?

Release Date: 11/19/06 (US), 12/02/06 (JP), 12/07/06 (AU), 12/08/06 (EU)

System: Nintendo Wii

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Genre: Action/Adventure

ESRB Rating: T

Players: 1 (Wii Remote + Nunchuck)

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Graphics vs. Gameplay – The Eternal Battle

Since the release of the Nintendo DS, and later followed by the Sony PSP, fanboys from both sides have divided to battle into one big, endless discussion – graphics vs. gameplay. “Gameplay is all that matters” says the gameplay side. “Graphics is everything” says the other one. But which is the right one? Is there really any way to know? I’m going to try to solve this unsolvable issue once and for all, so both sides can see, that there was no real battle to begin with.

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