Welcome to Intelligent Gamers, a blog dedicated to overcome stupidity in video games. We here at IG try to be as professional as we can, but over all, being intelligent when writing. Being open to discussion, trying to understand everyone’s ideas and accepting them. Embracing criticism and learning from it. We try to avoid being immature, and when writing, try to avoid being biased by our own personal opinions.

We are open for discussion, and enjoy a good chat about any kind of game. We might not enjoy every genre, but know that no genre is superior to another one. You won’t find any [aw3som3, diz game rulz] on this site, we will always try to point out were the pros and cons of a game are and state why it is that way.

At the moment, IG is looking for writers. If you’ve ever wanted to communicate to the world before and let them know what you think, this might be the time. We are looking for open minded people, with good (at least decent) writing skills, who love video games.

If you are interested, write an email to intelligentgamers@gmail.com and tell us why you want to write for IG. Also, include a review about any game you like/hate, or an article, preferably in IG style.


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  1. Zero Stormrage on

    I think I would be interested in writing. I have a passion for games and have started making my own about 2 years ago. (unfortunately none of them were successful and few were actually completed)I don’t have the money to buy a game to review unless I can get it for a PC emulator, I probably won’t be able to play it. I currently have a Gamecube, DS, and an N64… not much but I also have emulators for PS2, SNES, NES, MAME (every arcade game ever made), and a few others but I lost the file location and can’t remember what they were… I am only 16 so I might not be qualified, is there a minimum age requirement? Either way if you accept me I will do as much as I can that doesn’t interfere with school.

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