What separates intelligent gamers from the rest?


Today I came across one of those guides for transforming your Windows GUI into a Mac OS X GUI. I thought it was kind of interesting, so I decided to read it. I wasn’t surprised to find the oh-so-common stupid comments on the bottom of the blog.

“Great, here too” I said to myself. It was filled with the typical:

“If you like Mac so much, get one idiot” Followed by the typical:
“Macs are sooo much better than PCs. Everyone should get one”
“Shut up Mac fanboy, You and Steve Jobs should go make out somewhere”
“This is such a horrible guide! There’s a better one at http://www…”
And, my all-time favorite:
“First post! LOL.”

Does it ring a bell?

Don’t you guys find it really annoying? It’s basically the same on every blog I go. While they were one or two useful comments in between all of the flaming and stupidity (like “Nice article, but I would also recommend doing this…”). It doesn’t take much time to find examples like this, because they’re everywhere. Just go to your usual videogame blog and see how it all turns out into another PS3/Wii/360 or DS/PSP/N-Gage war. A quick message to everyone out there: we all know there’s more than just one system, and we all have (or don’t) our favorites. And in three simple words “We don’t care”. Maybe your little brother cares, or your mom, but the rest of the world probably doesn’t have the slightest of interest in what your preferred videogame system is. And that’s the sad truth.

Flaming, advertising, and pointless comments are all around. It’s hard to read through all of the comments so you can find the important ones, the ones with encouragement, useful tips or links to other sites that talk about the same article, or constructive criticism. Imagine a comment section without all the stupidity and you would find 5 to 30 comments that are actually worth reading. Sure, bloggers could dedicate themselves to moderating every topic, but they don’t have time for it, since, well, they’re searching for more news. Sure, you could always go on and avoid reading comments, but I tell you, I’ve found quite a large amount of gems on comments.

Many forums suffer from the same stupidity; again, a lot of topics turn into a war and just end up locked. Of course, the difference is that forums are opened for discussion, so this is a lot more common and is bound to happen. So a few recommendations to everyone: give valid arguments if you don’t want to be pointed stupid. You don’t have to do any deep research, I mean, they’re forums, you are there to have fun and discuss with people who share your same interests. But if you’ve got nothing important to say, then shut it. The internet is already filled up with garbage, and sadly, they’re no filters for stupidity.

Yes, we know a lot of you gamers hate the media. They’re probably using every single thing they have for a story, so videogames tend to be one of their targets. And yes, they usually distort the story and exaggerate it. But don’t they do that with every other story? Gamers, don’t worry, they can’t ban every M-rated game they make. And even if they do, you can always import it from somewhere else. If there’s no way you can get it, well, sorry. There’s billions of videogames out there. It’s not going to kill you if you don’t play one.

And while I’m at it, I hate you Jack Thompson. Yes, you’ve managed to become popular, and even an unknown gamer like me writes about you. But I’ve got something to say to you. Ratings. Every single semi-credible argument you make is crushed by that single word alone. ESRB makes us the big favor of rating videogames. All the “dangerous” things in life are rated or have a minimum age requirement: alcohol, tobacco, cars, games (of any kind), movies, music, etc. The fact that a kid somehow got his hands on the newest Grand Theft Auto doesn’t mean GTA has to be banned. What’s wrong with a kid and GTA is how he got his hands on it. Was it the store? His parents? That’s were the source of the problem is. It isn’t illegal for GTA to be sold; it’s illegal for the kid to be playing it. Why do gamers who have the required age have to suffer because of it? If you ever do manage to ban every single game in existence that you think is “dangerous” for the world (which will never happen), be prepared to for doing the same with movies and all the other media. Trust me Jack, you can’t do anything about the next columbine shooter with tons of graphic violence, gore, sex and devil worshipping. If you’re going to be pointing fingers, first find out the actual source of the problem, and go for it.

Don’t say anything if you’ve got nothing important to say. Sure, now that I think about it, I might be a stupid gamer myself for flaming stupid people, and being a Jack hater. But don’t we all? 😉


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  1. Sleepy on

    Well, I hope this post isn’t taken as spam, but I read this article and know that there are intelligent gamers out there that are seeking others like them to have more intelligent discussion about games. So I wanted to point other readers to a community website that I founded a few months ago called Intelligent Gamer (www.intelligentgamer.com).

    It’s not in a blog format as this one, but we have articles, reviews, news, and a public forum where anyone can come and engage in discussion.

    I hope to see some of you there!

  2. Anonymous on

    2nd post! lol!
    I’m joking. You make a brilliant point there, I have noticed it too, the everlasting spam of crap. just a few months ago I was watching a recording of The Breakfast Club and halfway through the movie a gargantuan advertisement for the next Harry Potter movie pops up and covers over half the screen. I was just sitting there thinking, who could be evil enough to do such a thing…? Also I have been trying to prove that point about the kid buying the game and not the game itself for years but never could quite find the right words… thank you this was an exelent read.

  3. Johnny on

    I have noticed a nice new feature becoming more common on forums. The rating system for comments! As you scroll through, you give a thumbs up or thumbs down, and over a few votes the most relevant comments float to the top or are highlighted, and the useless ones are buried, minimized, or disappear entirely! Yay groupthink!

  4. niks on
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