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The Problem with Reviews

Many gamers base themselves on reviews to buy a video game. More casual gamers just go on and buy whatever appeals them the most (or the cheapest games). But I have found that even if there’s a game with a high rating, I might not like it. Or there might be a game with a low rating that might deserve a better one according to me. But is there really any way to get exact ratings?

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The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Review

Twilight Princess (Wii)

After much wait, TP has arrived. But is it the best Zelda game ever, as Nintendo promised?

Release Date: 11/19/06 (US), 12/02/06 (JP), 12/07/06 (AU), 12/08/06 (EU)

System: Nintendo Wii

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Genre: Action/Adventure

ESRB Rating: T

Players: 1 (Wii Remote + Nunchuck)

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